10 Rules From Books

Published on 2019-08-16T11:01:00.000Z

Here are 10 things I've learned by reading books on various subject. I find this list tremendously useful and I promise I will provide the book titles at a later time. The reason I am sharing this is answered in point 2. Here we go:

  1. Achieve results by following a system. Do you want to get fit? Come up with a system that will make you fit. Do you want to write? Well, develop a system that creates time for you to write. It is easy to follow a system once it is in place.

  2. Trying to be successful is the wrong way to look at life. Try to make yourself useful instead. Ask yourself the following questions: How can I be useful? How can I contribute? Success comes from being useful to others.

  3. Speak less. Listen more. Ask questions to discover the base truths, first principles, and universal commonalities! Those that know how to listen effectively rule the world.

  4. Don't obsess with your weaknesses. Concentrate on your strengths. You are not meant to be everything and I am sure there are a few things that you can do better than others. Being great in 2-3 things is better than being amazing in one specific thing.

  5. Exercise humility. Everyone wants to be successful, respected and for their opinion to matter. Other people are just like you. Put yourself in their shoes.

  6. Think progress! Never settle for the status quo. Improve everything you do.

  7. You will never gain anything from arguments - not with your spouse, family, friends, colleagues and never on the Internet. There are other ways to win people over and at the same time make long-lasting relationships despite the differences in opinion.

  8. If you cannot measure, you cannot manage. This is especially true for your time. Record where your time goes to understand how to manage it effectively. Time is a scarce resource always in deficit.

  9. People are interested in other people. We are not concerned with the product of your work but by your method. In a true sense, we are most interested in how the sausage was made?

  10. Copyright your faults. They are you.

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